IRMSigns General Information

ALL NAMED Station Column Signs are now in strict alphabetical order with the NUMBERED station signs (18th, 35th, 47th, etc.) in numerical  order before the alphabetical signs.

ALL Station Column Sign pictures are now the same size—please check the actual sign size in the description block.

ALL Station Column Signs are Shipping Table #1 (refer to the Shipping Rates section of the Order Form).

ALL sign dimensions are in inches.

A number of the station column signs have a blank section at the bottom. This is the A/B stop info that was painted over by the CTA when they eliminated A/B “Skip Stop” service.  This paint may be removable and will be in the condition in which we received it. 

Station Column Signs with Product #s starting with SCS-XX --- The arrow direction may differ from the sign pictured. Unless otherwise instructed, the best condition sign will be chosen for you regardless of arrow direction. 

When the Pink Line was created, the bottoms of these signs were simply painted over to designate a Pink Line stop.  You can leave the paint or try to scrape it off to possibly reveal the original text.  We scraped one of each (pictured below) with mixed results.  We can’t guarantee what, if anything is under the paint.

CTA Bus Stop Signs - All signs are aluminum. They have all been in service therefore exposed to the elements and people so they may have been damaged, bent, scratched, stickered, etc. Some have vinyl replacement/deleted info attached by the CTA.

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Due to the variety of Internet browsers, versions of those browsers and the various desktops, laptops, pads and internet-enabled phones, the order form may or may not display correctly on your device. PLEASE print the order form and then fill it out. Some users have tried to convert the PDF back into a Word document and then fill it out so that they can attach it directly to an email. This may or may not work successfully for you. Until we can provide a PDF form that you can enter data into and save, PLEASE print the order form.  Thank you!